Black KN-USA [10ct]


SourceMedMask KN-USA Face Masks

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Introducing SourceMedMask ... American-Made PPE with an Affordable Price Tag! 

SMM KN-USA Face Masks are comfortable, affordable, 
and incredibly efficient, filtering at least 95% of non-oil based aerosol particulates!
SMM KN-USA face masks are great for day to day use due to their disposable nature while being very comfortable, allowing for longer wear time. 
SMM KN-USA face masks meet official transit authority mask filtration requirements, while filtering at least 95% of non-oil based airborne particles.
Each bag contains 10 KN-USA Face Mask (Not individually wrapped). Each box contains 25 individually wrapped KN-USA Face Mask. 

Material Composition 

  • Outer Layer: Polypropylene spunbond
  • Filter: Melt-blown non-woven electro-statically charged 2 layers
  • Inner Layer: Polypropylene spunbond
  • Nose Clip: Polyethylene coated double wire
  • Ear Loop: Elastic spandex