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Surgical N95 Respirator [10ct] - Individually Wrapped


Surgical N95 Flat Fold With Comfort Soft Nose Foam - Individually Wrapped 

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The SA105 Surgical N95 was developed using the new ASTM F3407-20 standard and the NIOSH Bivariate Panel to optimize fitment and protection. The SA105 helps eliminate the necessity to stock multiple respirators for employees due to its ability to fit securely on most face shapes and sizes. Extensive testing using an Accu-FIT9000 Pro was used to ensure consistent passing scores on quantitative fit testing equipment. 

IFM N95 Body Content 2

IFM Surgical N95 respirators are great for daily use due to their disposable nature while aso being very lightweight, allowing for longer wear time. 

The N95 are individually wrapped for best workplace practices!  The foam nose bridge adds comfort while also making a tighter seal on the wearer's face.

IFM N95 Body Content

IFM Surgical N95 respirators meet NIOSH filtration requirements, filtering at least 95% of non-oil based airborne particles.

IFM N95 Body Content 3 95% Filtration CDC Face Mask

Each box contains 10/20 N95 Respirators. 

Surgical N95 Particulate Respirator Specifications 

  • Designed for Quantitative Fit Testing
  • Approved for use in Healthcare and Industrial settings
  • Not Made with Natural Rubber Latex
  • Exceeds Particulate Filtration Efficiency (PFE) per ASTM F2299 Standard
  • Individually Wrapped for Best Work Place Practices
  • Meets ASTM Fluid Resistance Challenge F1862 (160 mmHg)


Material Composition 

  • Outer Layer: Polypropylene spunbond
  • Filter: Melt-blown non-woven electro-statically charged 3 layers
  • Inner Layer: Polypropylene spunbond
  • Nose Clip: Polyethylene coated double wire
  • Head Strap: Elastic spandex


  • Description: Surgical / N95 Respirator 
  • TC Number: TC-84A-9440 
  • Part Number: SA105
  • Box Quantity: 20 or 10 Individually Wrapped